Artist’s Statement and Biography

1966-67 - Exhibited in Bologna and Venice.
Travelled mid to late 60' through Europe, Middle East and Asia.
Arrived in Australia in 1970. Lived in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Bruno Pasqualini started his career in Italy, travelled half way around the world in the sixties and settled in Australia in the seventies. His painterly work of pure abstraction is full on and uncompromising, while retaining the colourist’s concern with poetic statements within the realm of personal vision. A keen practitioner of the photographic medium and a teacher of media as well as art, Bruno’s awareness and interactive relationship with technology is percolated through the sensitivity of the painter’s palette.

The exploration of the harmonies between Pasqualini’s broad experiences in Europe and Asia and Australia , his feeling for city and country, spirituality and earth, the impact of his relationships with friends and lovers, are pulled into the work where he explored them initially with full Dionysian vigour and flair. At times, one opposition or the other is set free to explore its own theme and myth.

Energetic paintings burning with visual excitement The Dove and Hearts & Flowers are left unrestrained and then controlling order adds balance within a single painting like Summertime in which the language of horizontal rectangles reminds and reminds paradoxically of the classical grounding of the painter’s idea in landscape.

The containing of romantic joyousness by the conceptual grid of Apollonian order or the more enigmatic Asian calligraphic explanation establishes balance within pasqualini’s own rich Italian sensitivity.

Extract from “AN OVERVIEW” by Colin Shingleton August 20

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